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Hipster Adventures | 33 of ?

Hipster Adventures | 33 of ?

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I’m curious. Reblog if you ship Ten x Rose.



9 favorite pictures of → David Tennant (requested by myself)

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the final hour meme→ Colors
↳[1/5] Blue


The view from here is getting better with you by my side

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This is such a phenomenal moment for Rose # she never got her A-levels # never felt particularly clever by our Earth standards # until she met the Doctor and realized that Earth standards are pretty limited when it comes to evaluating someone’s worth # And here’s a kid - Adam - who is the BEST of what Earth has to offer in terms of intelligence # boy genius with high marks and a high-paying top-secret job # By Earth standards he’s got everything to offer # and here he is stumbling around in front of her because he’s ignorant # because Rose has seen and experienced more than he could imagine # because SHE’s the special one # the one the Doctor chose for her cleverness and courage # She’s the one in the superior position # Which is not probably a feeling she’s used to # And bless her she doesn’t lord it over him (via gallifreyburning)

Rose, take Mickey and Arthur, get after it, follow it. Don’t approach it, just watch where it goes.

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Sonic Screwdriver